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Other services besides Bathing

There’re much more to Fushimi-Chikara-no-Yu than bathing: LOHAS Restaurant[Chikara-tei] with a wide variety of healthy food at reasonable prices, Juice Bar serving our original fresh juice made from fruits and vegetables, Ice Cream Bar , Japanese-style full-body and/or foot massages offered by "Yuraku" Massages, quick and reasonable hair-cut Satto-Cut and we also have rental footsal coats: Footsal Square Kyoto-minami, with first-graded artificial turf.

LOHAS Restaurant Jun-sai-an

The LOHAS Restaurant Jun-sai-an has something for everyone, in Japanese- or Western-style settings, with menu selections ranging from authentic to casual. Pre-selected sets are also available both at lunch and dinner time.
Reservations accepted any time for parties. Party sets are also available; please ask for more information.
Vegetables offered here are the freshest; grown and picked directly from the next-door vegetable garden or brought from farm gardens in local Fushimi area as much as possible. Also offers more than 10 years award-winning “Haenuki” Rice from specially contracted rice field in Yamagata-prefecture.
Guests who come only for dining are also welcomed.

Hair cut (Satto-Cut)

Men(over junior-high)1,200yen
Women(over junior-high)1,500yen
Children(under junior-high)1,000yen
Men’s shaving1,100yen
Hair cut and shaving (men only)1,900yen
  • 1.Patrons only for hair cut are more than welcomed!
  • 2.More hair cut menus are available.

Massages (

Great for relieving fatigue and easing the kinks out or your muscles! Relax and feel pleasant at "Yuraku" Massages. Reservation required at the Massage front counter. (It is recommended to make reservations before you take bath and get massage after bathing.)

Body Massage1,800yen/20minutes
Foot Massage1,800yen/20minutes

Note: persons with tattoos are asked to refrain from using facilities.

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